Halsey donates 100 000 masks for doctors who fight against the coronavirus | Instagram | eint | Shows


Halsey joined the celebrities who are supporting the health professionals who fight the advance of the coronavirus around the world. She has decided to make a significant delivery to the give 100,000 to masks for use in hospitals.

Through its social networksthe singer who performed with the group Korean BTS the theme of “the Boy with luv”, he wrote a lengthy message in which highlights the tenacity of the medical staff that attends to people with COVID-19.

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“Every day I’m amazed the medical staff in the first line. Your determination, selflessness, and empathy is the best example of our capacity to love and to survive as a human”, started the singer of 25 years.

Halsey on Instagram

Also, he stressed how lucky it feels to have a home in which pass quarantine in good condition. “I am beyond privileged to isolate myself in my home, without the fear and obligation of the job employment essential. Without a sick family member to care for. A child to feed. A financial crisis for you to browse. So I tried to find a real way to make a difference”, stressed the singer of “Without me”.

She emphasized that acquired 100.000 masks 3 layers certified made in a factory in Guangzhou, China. In addition, the artist stated that these implements will be distributed to medical centers in the united States. One of them is the hospital where Selena Gomez received a kidney transplant, Los Angeles Cedars Sinai.

Halsey is 25 years old and their boyfriend called Evan Peters.

Halsey it concluded by asking his fans to remain in their homes. “Please, continue at home, if you can. If you are in the first line (of the health), my heart is with you. And I will continue the fight to help you get the support and resources they need,” he concluded.