Halsey ratifies its aspirations to diva overall in his home tour in Madrid | People


The american Halsey has starred in, this Thursday, the first big international concert of the year in Spain, with which she herself has started his new world tour, and has been claimed as a clear challenger to new pop diva global rising literally up to the sky Wizink Center.

For assistance, more than 4,000 people on the track in the enclosure, it would appear that the appointment of the Spanish capital was a workshop of evidence before the assault to countries where it is already a star with capital letters, but here has come up with everything: a scenery beautiful and shocking, its timbre slightly broken, velvety sweet moments and vibrant in the moments, and above all, lots of attitude.

Three months after its passage by the Europe Music Awards MTV held at Seville, where he conducted a performance ambitious, and after passing with flying two years ago his previous visit to the city (at the sala La Riviera), this jump in capacity to the Wizink Center seemed the logical step for an artist who, in terms of popular success and media presence has not stopped growing.

Was to check if the locals responded with the same enthusiasm that the rest of the world and, although it has not been sold out, the heaters of the old Palace of Sports have been the only thing cool for a “show” vitamin and colorful in the Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (New Jersey, 1994), aka Halsey, has tempered the attendees.

He played songs from “Manic”, their third studio album, released just two weeks ago with some of the singles most successful of his still brief career, but also of his previous work, “BADLANDS” (2015) and “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” (2017), of which have sounded, “I hate everybody” and “Bad At Love” which have led it to bid for the post of descreída official love.

Starting, however, it is difficult to frame Halsey, so chameleon-like in physical as musical, where he has dallied with the pop conventional, pop-punk, EDM, ballad, hip hop… In fact, the title of the latest album alludes in part to this variability of styles (as well as the bipolar disorder that was diagnosed during its composition).

And though that versatility could prove to be a liability in a market in which there are many queens of the music with well-defined profiles, such as Beyonce (black empowerment and female), Ariana Grande (diva of r&b) or Taylor Swift (pop and filocountry modosito), it has been revealed under a direct consistent, without major needle jumps to its numerous departures from the stage to change the styling.

With punctuality british, just five minutes after 21 hours, he jumped to the ground, with the pose of the hood of the neighborhood and the curves of a mountain pass, accented by a leather corset with studs, boots up to the knees and bare legs.

“Are you ready to move?”, has been said more as a statement than as a promise, after leaving self-absorbed to the uninitiated with its explosive start with “Nightmare” among flames of fire and leaping all over the stage, desgañitándose as if it were the end of the concert and not the beginning.

Background, a pantallón and two large arches of leds overlapping showed that this is not a tour of a few aspirations, with three other large platforms of lights that pivotaban on his head, as if it was she who went, lady of the elements.

Because Halsey is plant completely alone on stage, without the dancers, with their three musicians on the side, almost hidden, and takes over the space from the beginning, so secure and confident in her wandering, with something of the attitude of star of rap, while you are humming “Castle”, “Heaven In Hiding”, “Eyes Closed”…

“You Should Be Sad”, your recientísimo irtation with the country dance, makes act of presence for the first time in his live repertoire to the 20 minute show, with a cowboy hat, contoneos sensual, a rain of sparks and guitarrazos electrical.

After “Haunting”, reaches to the heavens, climb to one of its platforms oscillating without losing the verse of “Forever… (Is A Long Time)” in which the metaphor is most shocking of his power, though the concert has brought more moments iconic, whether it was with thin beams of light, or all white, sheathed behind his guitar with “Empty Gold” and “Finally / Beautiful Stranger”.

“How fortunate I am to have started my world tour! I came here two years ago and you are an audience that makes you feel”, has highlighted, before concluding his speech with a “Thank you” in Spanish and pass to the emotive “100 Letters”.

It may be that the final section of the leftover a couple of issues that have slowed down the climax, but few of their followers have complained after 110 minutes of music in that, even though there is sung “Closer” (his collaboration with The Chainsmokers), yes there has been time to “Clementine”, “Graveyard”, and, of course, their big hit, “Without Me”.

Javier Herrero.