Henry Cavill could be the new Superman in a series, what is it?


The british actor Henry Cavill not got the desired success in their role Superman during his participation in the movie “Man of Steel”. However, fans still want to give you a second chance, by which, you could return to interpret the character of DC Universe in a new television series that he is already planning to HBO Max.

The famous superhero from DC, Supermanyou might have a new series and the actor who tops the list of the castings to give life is Henry Cavill. Although in “Man of Steel” and “Justice League” the actor of 36 years was not able to make the character stand out as expected, the fans and producers still have the hope that Henry can perform a better role as Clark Kent.

Henry Cavill as Superman/Photo: Farid Network

Henry Cavill as Superman/Photo: Farid Network

HBO Max has already started with the plans for the production of a series of Superman but with a different story to the one that was presented in the DCEU. And is that the new project would be based on Superman: Speeding Bullets and Superman: The Dark Side. The idea is to create a narrative completely different to the one we have seen on the big screen.

Henry Cavill may return as Superman

According to the portal We Got this Covered, the executives of the streaming platform HBO Max do not want to have in the cast of its series to any actor who has participated in the films of the DC Universe; but there is the possibility that Henry Cavill is considered in the casting to get the role of Superman.

Fans of the superhero from Krypton have had different opinions on the role of Henry Cavill as Superman, some claim that the actor did a good job, while others say that does not. But we’ll have to wait to see if HBO Max decides to choose the actor to reprise the character.

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Let us remember that the last series live action that existed Superman was “Smallville” (2001) where the protagonist was the actor Tom Welling. Currently, the television network CW is working on another series of Clark Kent but with actors Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch, playing Superman and Louise Lane, respectively.