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Tekashi Six Nine will be out of prison next month of July 2020
Tekashi Six Nine will be out of prison next month of July 2020

A few weeks ago we met the resolution of the trial Six Nine. With the sentence of two years in prison for the young Tekashi one would think would have already completed the entanglements of court. But it is not. Given that the number of accused amounted to twelve, it is quite easy to read news of the trial of 6ix9ine quite often. If we had to meet them all, we would turn crazy. Today, however, an interesting new feature on the abduction of Six-Nine has seen the light. It seems that the hijacker Tekashi will be prisoner a good season.

Judge Paul Engelmayer, the same as that decided by the judgment of Tekashi 6ix9ine on the 18th of December, this time has shown to be relentless. Anthony Harv Ellison, who was sentenced in October for kidnapping and robbing the rapper hair to multicolored, you will be in prison a lot longer than 6ix9ine since the judge has denied a new trial. After that he has been denied a retrial, we will know his prison sentence next month of February.

Given that, unlike Six Nine, Ellison has not shown collaboration with the authorities or with the research, it is anticipated that his prison sentence is much harder. Tekashi, in contrast, will probably be free as early as next July.

Does the abduction of 6ix9ine was real?

In addition Harv, the request for the review of the judgment was also signed by his fellow gang members (also serving a sentence of imprisonment) Aljermiah Nuke Mack. The judge Engelmayer has submitted its response in a press release of 18 pages of extension. In him perhaps the most interesting thing is that it ensures that the kidnapping of Six to Nine was completely real. At all times, Ellison has ensured that Tekashi 69 faked his kidnapping with the purpose of promoting their new song Fefe.

Tekashi Six Nine was the victim of a kidnapping and robbery in July of 2018. One of the most eye-catching of the matter is that there is a video in which we can see and hear the full development of the kidnapping. The video saw the light in September of last year during the first oral proceedings of the trial of the gang of Nine Trey, and is recorded from the car dashboard Six Nine. From that capture Six Nine on a street in Brooklyn until they agree to go to your house to give jewelry to the kidnappers in exchange for his release.

“Harv, you know, I’ll give it all”, we can listen to say to Tekashi in the video. Why kidnapped Six Nine? The explanation is somewhat confusing, but all the details always lead to the same conclusion: strife internal of the Nine Trey Blood, and, above all, the fact that Six / Nine was never a member of truth of the gang. The band simply took advantage of the fame of the young man to squeeze it economically. In the most tense of the video, we can hear how you are asked to Tekashi to leave the car while it pleads not to be shot. Shocking and, above all, real: there are those who is believe that this was prepared. At least, the judge has not chopped.

You can watch the full video of the kidnapping of Six to Nine in this link