his trick to do well in Instagram


During the last few months, in particular since José Luis Martínez-Almeida the mayor of Madrid, Andrea Levy, alderman of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the city Hall, has become a constant in parties, openings and events of all types in the scene capital.

An agenda is unstoppable in that on more than one occasion his looks have been the real protagonists: your choices for fashion weeks, the meadow of San Isidro or parties with the baroness Thyssen has pierced the political scene to sneak in monographs about your style and your wardrobe.

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A trend that we continued almost daily and that during the quarantine has given a halt in dry. No leather jackets, high heels impossible and looks from Agatha Ruiz de la Prada in the celebrations of the fashion industry. In its place, Levy has been paid to a style that works for her and makes always goes well in the videos and photos nearly every day it publishes in its profile of Instagram. A look, studied it for weeks, that is summed up easily in three keys.

Andrea Levy, before the confinement. (Cordon Press)
Andrea Levy, before the confinement. (Cordon Press)

Braid half side

The first thing that calls attention is the braid angle. Andrea Levy is usually to bring the hair smooth loose, this hairstyle inspired by Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), the protagonist of ‘The hunger games’we have surprised.

Undone, with some tufts on the face that give a romantic touch and always towards the same side, this hairstyle has become her favorite during the running of the bulls. In 11 of his last photos it takes.

It is worth to remember that with this same hairstyle attended one of the last acts before the confinement: the opening ARC in Ifema.

And to the Awards Woman Todaywhere combined it with a dress limited edition-Zara that is still available on their website.

Glasses XXL

The second key is in glasses XXL. A perfect complement to foster in the days that we feel like make-up less and a trick that leads to the foot of the letter Ana Rosa Quintanaas we already have few days ago in these pages.

With mount carey and rounded design, will sit beautifully and make always goes well, is to record from the angle you record.

Lipstick red

The last great trick is to the use of the red lipstick. A shade that is your skin clear and combined with the hair style gives a touch sophisticated yet informal is very frenchified.

After more than 45 days locked up, Levy continues to be fixing each day to provide cultural ideas (books, music, initiatives…) to its nearly 20 thousand followers and is a great example of what we ought to do all.