How Margot Robbie or double action? Who is the protagonist of the video of ‘Birds of Prey’ that has gone viral – movie News


The ‘spin-off’ about Harley Quinn, directed by Cathy Yan, is already available in digital format in Spain.

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Birds of Prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn) it has stunning action scenes. The ‘spin-off’ of Harley Quinnstarring Margot Robbie, told with some of the faces more known in the world of the double action. For example, with Chad Stahelski, director of the saga, John Wick, and who joined the movie directed by Cathy Yan to help in the development of some moments with the fights. Each of the protagonists had his double, in charge of interpreting those parts of the script that could be more dangerous for the main cast. Robbie took out some of these scenes, but had the help of Renae Moneymaker, a double action that you may not sound your name, but you’ve seen it on numerous occasions on the big screen.

Moneymaker has worked as a stunt double of Brie Larson in Captain Marvel and Jennifer Lawrence in Sparrow Red. His sister Heidi Moneymaker works the same and is known to be the double of Scarlett Johansson in scenes more dangerous Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in the Movie universe of Marvel. Therefore, when a video of the shooting of Birds of Prey with Harley Quinn fighting against two enemies has gone viral, we wondered: is that Robbie or Moneymaker?

It all started with a tweet in which a user has shared the video in question. “What are you waiting for? What Margot did this scene herself?”question @filmcupid. Many people have taken it for granted that this is so, because the video has bad quality and it prevents to find out if it is the actress or her double. However, all indications are that this is not about Robbie, but Moneymaker. Bryan Burnett, double action of the film, has responded to the video with the following message: “I’m sorry to break your bubble, but that is not Margot. That is one of their wonderful double action, Renae Moneymaker”.

Apparently, the source of the video comes from the account of Instagram of Yoko Hanamura, actor that plays one of the villains who appear in these images behind the cameras. It is the one that grabs hold of Harley Quinn from behind. “Yoko, don’t let that fall on your head!’ Yes, sir! It was great to have Margot Robbie and Renae Moneymaker pateándome the ass for hours!”, write Hanamura in the message that accompanies the image. Heidi Moneymaker has commented on the publication and also Renae Moneymaker saying: “How did you get this?”. The one that gives more clues about all this is Jeremy Marinascoordinator action 87 Eleven Action Design, the company in charge of developing the action scenes of the film: “Hahahaha Yes! Good job always, brother. Oh and thanks for not dropping Renae Moneymaker on his head! It would not have been able to kill you, but I would have tried if I get to do!”. However, the solution has given the own Moneymaker, who has shared the video on his account of Instagram:

Birds of Prey (and the fantabulosa emancipation of Harley Quinn) since it is available in digital format in Spain. The film grossed more than 199 million dollars all over the world. On these lines, don’t miss the trailer.