I mess NBA! Kendall Jenner is the sticks to Ben Simmons with another All Star!


With no competition in sight, to lack of space in its luxurious mansions, good are the mess of skirts in the NBAand this promises to be a tour brutal. Not in vain are involved three faces well known of the environment of the celebrities of the united States and make up a story that has everything: NBA, super stars and a Kardashian. Don’t we remembered something as well from that Derek Fisher got to lift the wife, Gloria Govanto Matt Barnes!

That was one of the scandals most talked-about in recent times in the B-side to the best basketball league in the world. By then, the former base of The Los Angeles Lakers tempted and conquered the former of a public enemy, and rated on the track of Kobe Bryant, Barnes, and this, one of the tough guys of the league, we challenged and threatened publicly. Finally, Fisher refused to run-but it was Govan.

Well, apparently since the beginning of the year, one of the two stepsisters most famous of the house Kardashian, that is to say Kendall JennerI had begun a relationship with the star of the Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmonsbut now, everything jumps in the air in full quarantine and with another super star in the NBA. And is that the young model has been seen and has done a pleasure trip with Davin Bookerplayer reference Phoenix Suns and mate Ricky Rubio in the franchise Arizona.

The two young were seen and photographed in a rest area. They laughed and walked togetherquite lovey-dovey, according to have bad language, and the two embarked on a mysterious trip in the same car, the mercedes-Benz Maybach at the All Star. She (24) is a year older than him (23), but it seems to be that you have a fantastic tune. Simmons knows that they were friends, what we do not know is if you have done grace that is to see in secret, and quarantine in the same car.