In a powerful message to the women of the world, Angelina Jolie revealed that two of his daughters underwent surgeries


Angelina Jolie revealed in a moving letter published in the recognized magazine Time that two of their daughters have been operated from various ailments in recent months. A personal confession with which he wanted to put his granite of sand to celebrate the International day of Womenr, since according to Jolie, this has been a example of how women should bet for taking care of themselves and also each other.

“I’ve spent the last two months going in and out of surgeries with my oldest daughter, and days ago I saw your younger sister to go under the knife for a hip surgery” wrote the Oscar winner, who did not mention their names in the editorial.

Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt are parents to six children: Maddox of 18 years, Pax 16, Zahara 15, Shiloh 13 years old and the twins Vivienne and Knox of 11 years.

The activist said that her daughters “encouraged” to write the article, entitled, “Why the girls deserve love and respect in the International Women’s Day” despite their private nature. “Of course they know that I am writing this and before you do what we talked about and have been they who have encouraged me to do so. Understand that struggle to survive and heal is something that you must be very proud”says.

Jolie noticed that their children were “caring and sweet” while her sisters are recovering. “These days, I have watched my daughters take care of between them. The younger has learned everything that they were doing the nurses with his sister to be able to do so. I have also seen how all my children set in the background of his life and became his priority to his sisters. I have seen the joy that they felt to be at the service of their loved ones” continues the actress and director in his text, that he wrote from the hospital.

“Also I have seen them face their fears with a determined courage. We all know how it is that moment in which we know that no one else can help us and that all we can do is to close your eyes and breathe. The time in which we can only take the next step if we accept that pain, that is when we we stabilized, and what we do,” he says.

“But on this International Women’s Day, writing from the hospital, I find myself focused on my daughters for a moment, and in all that I have learned from them and from other girls that I have known in all the world. Someone told me, when they saw my daughters taking care of one another, which ‘is something that is natural to the girls’. I smiled, but then I thought of the frequency with which abused of that notion. La niña is expected to take care of others. It is expected that women who grow to care and to sacrifice. Girls are often conditioned to think that they are good only when they serve others, and selfish or wrong if you ever focus on their own needs and desires” she continues.

“This tenderness of the girls, their openness and instinct to care for and help others, should be cherished and not abused. We must do much more to protect them in all societies-not only against the extreme forms in which they often violate the rights of girls, but also against the injustices and subtler attitudes that often go unnoticed or excused “says Jolie in her sense editorial.

“That’s why my wish on this day is that we value the girls. Take care of them. And know that the stronger they grow, the healthier they will be and the more they will contribute to your family and community”., continues the interpreter, an american, who ends his writing by throwing a loud and clear message. “Keep fighting, ladies. We take care of each other is a great part of the way forward in the future. To know your rights. And never let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful, special and, above all, equal.”

The actress does not speak much of his private life with the press. However, when it does so it is for certain subjects with the goal of helping others who are going through a similar situation. This happened, for example, when in 2013 it underwent double mastectomy and two years later, in 2015, to a removal of the uterus. Two operations that are decided to be done to prevent cancer, as explained in the New York Times.