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Like other celebrities, the model Kendall Jenner have you used the social networks to make a recommendation intended to avoid a further spread of the COVID-19, a virus that comes leaving thousands of dead all over the planet.

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This is related to social isolation. By means of his account Instagramthe muse shared an image of itself as a story. “Stay at home”it reads in such content.

It should be noted that the composition is based on an art fact to promote the podcast “Zaza The World Radio”, which is presented by the young.

This is the image that is shared Kendall Jenner on Instagram Stories. (@kendalljenner)
This is the image that is shared Kendall Jenner on Instagram Stories. (@kendalljenner)

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Quickly, the image went viral, motivating hundreds of pronouncements on the part of the community of users, watch what you do or stop doing. Several pointed out that Kendall Jenner proved to be someone responsible.

Others, however, said that the model had been hypocritical because it ignored the recommendation that was made when it was the birthday of his half-sister Kourtney Kardashian, recently celebrated.


Kendall Jenner plays with her dog, Pyro



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