Jake Gyllenhaal shares the hilarious response of Hugh Jackman to the challenge of stop the hands of Tom Holland

It was a moment that went viral almost as fast as it was sold out. Tom Holland challenged Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to make the challenge of stopping of hands and it became a thing, but he created at least one memorable response.

Jake really took up the challenge, impressing everyone, but it was Ryan Reynolds who laughed with his initial response and very short.

After Tom showed his talent by wearing a shirt while doing a headstand, a practical skill for life if we’ve ever seen one, he urged his co-stars of Marvel to do the same. Ryan quickly responded with a response video of a single word. Looking a little confused and a little disturbed, he just said to Tom: “No.”

And a man of his word, did not. This left Jake in an awkward place. “I was going to do the same thing until that morning when you already posted saying it’s not,” Jake said Stephen Colbert Tuesday. “Then I thought: Oh, well, great, now I have to … I’m going to have to try this”.

To their credit, the co-star of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” of Tom proved to be fully up to the challenge, performing expertly the same valuable skill before you try to continue the challenge himself.

He tried to be funny with him, but his phone was too “smart” for their tricks. “I thought, ” oh, I’m going to be funny and I’m going to put my camera upside down and I’m going to do it the other way around,” he said. “And I’m going to let the shirt fall into my hands.”

After four attempts, he realized that his camera was correcting automatically the orientation of the video, defeating every attempt to create your illusion of antigravity. And then had no other choice but to try himself.

In the process, launched the challenge of 50 cents, Hugh Jackman and your sister Maggie. Said she killed him, like I knew they would, but “Hugh Jackman and 50 Cent did not respond at all.” And that, my friends, is how you kill a viral challenge. You ignore it until the death.

In reality, a response was received from Jackman, of a sort, that was even more fun that the response from Ryan to Tom. “I sent him an e-mail to Hugh Jackman. I said, come on, man,” Jake said. “And he said, I hope you are well”.

Stephen was convinced that it was an automatic reply out of office, or not the e-mail from Hugh. Any way, the challenge seems to have died with the Gyllenhaals, thanks to the lack of enthusiasm of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Ironically, the star of Deadpool and Wolverine has been involved in a dispute with a playful over the years and this would have been a fun and playful continue. In exchange, they agreed in their total lack of interest in getting involved. That is why Tom reveals secrets, boys, because no one will play with him.

Earlier in the interview, and we share it here simply because it is absolutely ridiculous and fun, Jake and Stephen spent too much time talking about incoming mass mother. Yes, this is a thing. And apparently you have to be quiet while resting the bread, since he punished “Steve” repeatedly.

You can see all the nonsense, as well as the thoughts of Jake on his appearance for the celebration of the birthday of Stephen Sondheim, in the following clip:

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