James Charles and his photo to the natural, confesses why the shared


James Charles shared that there was a great reason after the photograph intimate that you shared on social networks, the image was disseminated by him in their stories of Instagram and also Twitter, where he stated the reason for the spread.

The followers of the youtuber were surprised greatly when they saw on their social networks, inappropriate content, where even using the words homophobic and racist.

After this situation, Charles decided to clarify the situation and informed that their account had been hacked and had to recover it. After this, he shared the photo to the natural, where he took the opportunity to explain what happened and make fun of those who had been hacked.

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The youtuber stated that he had been threatened by that image, and clarified that it is the only one that exists, so he decided himself to make it viral.

Hello I recovered my account, if I ever hackean again, here’s the ONLY nude that I’ve taken! I can threaten with it already. buy a life.

Look at the Tweet Here.

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James Charles Dickinson 20-year-old has become a star of the platform Youtube. Ell u.s. has become a trend on Twitter for having mocked the censorship of Instagram with a photo of the natural in their stories; however, he did not know why.

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what wig?

A publication shared by James Charles (@jamescharles) the

The photograph with enough skin exposed, lets see the attributes of Charles, which is why his followers went crazy; while others of a more questioning on Twitter why the fuss, given that they consider there are other celebrities more attractive.

The youtuber reached the popularity at a very young age, became famous for their tutorials makeup in which he himself is the model; it really surprised many, and was as well as won more than 16 million subscribers on Youtube.