James Charles may be able to sue this brand of makeup


James Charles returns to cause controversy. This time, because the artist just realize that the brand Went N Wild Beauty could have copied your palette of makeup of Morphy. What?

It all happened when the makeup brand announced that it would publish a new product. However, the world will be left mouth open, when several people realized that the palette makeup Went N Wild Beauty it was almost equal to that of James Charles. So much so, that even the same sisters were not long in coming to the own James, to communicate the terrible news.

This no doubt caused the same James Charles to speak of the matter in Twitter, where it came up a message that said that your paletta of Morphy it was very similar, if not identical to that of Went N Wild Beauty. But if you thought that this was enough, prepare yourself! Then, shortly after, the account of the mark answered in a way ironic that, having copied something, it was not the price of the products of James, which were super expensive Wtf?

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Up to the point we do not know if James Charles yes sue the brand. Although, everything points to that if you dare to do so, she could win, especially because both palettes contain the same colour and even the same order of the shadows. What I thought Went N Wild Beauty? James, ¡¡¡free your inner lawsuite!!!