James Charles reveals the damage that it caused him to fight with Tati Westbrook


In may, James Charles and Tati Westbrook, staged a battle in the apparently, the only one that came out losing was James. Here’s how that confrontation had an impact on him.

After it was cancelled by millions of users, among those Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, Shawn Mendes and Katy Perry. The famous vlogger he has spoken about the accusations that his ex-friend, Tati and her husband said about him.

Everything started when at the music festival, Coachella, James Charles promoted supplements Sugar Bear Hair, product that are the competence of Halo, mark, Westbrook owns.

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Tati be bothered too much, especially because his friend had refused to do the same with Halo. After that, the videos of James were intermittent, but now the young man has opened his heart and gives the reasons why he felt rejected.

After the drama, Charles plunged into a deep depression, which made him have negative thoughts, to the extent of wanting to hurt himself. Although it was not easy to come back to his previous life, he succeeded, and it was thanks to their friends who never left you alone.

They were aware of what James it was, they were concerned for the welfare of the boy and slowly began to move forward.

Before the accusations that have been said about James Charlesas he is insinuated to other men for being a public figure; it was enough for the vlogger feel rejected by the society.

In a video that went up in the company of Joey Graceffa and Nikita Dragun, James it was textual and assured that if the people who wants to had not been with him, possibly I would not be telling the whole story in those moments.

Fights between friends can be intense, even if there is a part that is affected. For that reason, the best option is to get away and take care of what you are talking about that person. You never know what will be the impact and how damaging this is to the other party.

We are glad to know that James Charles has resumed his career and is enfoncando in what he likes the most. The next thing you should do, is go ahead and have the confidence that your work speaks for him.

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