James Corden confesses why not led during the ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Justin Bieber | News


When it came to light the secret that she kept the recording of the Carpool Karaoke James Corden, the nets are burned. It turns out that, in some cases, the presenter is the one who handles the vehicle, but a crane that transports it.

The images that were circulated showing how, in the recorded program with Justin Bieber I used to use this technique, and after criticism that resulted, the british was forced to clarify it publicly. Assured that they did to ensure the safety of your guests, just in case you do some activity that will put them in danger. But not everything was there.

During the confinement, Corden has made sure to continue entertaining his audience from his home, and has done so with a series of virtual meetings with some familiar faces. One of them has been Joe Jonas, who is connected with our protagonist last April 28.

Among other things, the singer wanted to defend Corden in the controversy of his program. Ensures that he drove the vehicle when Joe and his brothers were invited, a statement that the own James has been in charge of thank. In fact, the Arizona justifies the decision of the presenter not to drive during your interview with Bieber. “Probably because with 3,000 girls I follow and want to ensure the safety of someone who you’re wearing”explains Jonas.

But what is certain is that that was not the reason, and James wanted to confess the reality that hides behind the false control of the vehicle in the carrying Bieber. “I had a problem with my eye and was worried that it would not be safe,” he says. “I believe in you”he says , Joe.

James Corden ensured with transparency in January of this year that Justin Bieber is not the only celebrity that has used this technique. Chance The Rapper and Cardi B also are some of them, though he confesses that in his interviews with Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Will Smith and Madonna, among others, himself controlled the car. And you, what segurás watching Carpool Karaoke with the same eyes?