Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt may be on the verge of getting married for the second time


In media around the world recorded one of the that would be the news ‘bomb’ of the year by the side of the entertainment. It is said that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are back together, that they have had several romantic dates, and planning a secret wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico, after 20 years of his first marriage.


They saw very loving at the gala of the SAG Awards, last JanuaryPhoto: Getty Image

In 2000 it was the first time that this couple gave the ‘ yes ‘ at the altar, but five years later divorciarían and Pitt begin a new relationship with the also actress Angelina Jolie. Of this union were 6 children, three adopted and three biological, and although it seemed one of the couples most solid of Hollywood, the relationship lasted 10 years and ended in very bad terms. Jolie has accused Brad of domestic violence and alcoholism.

After the separation of “Brangelina”, as he liked to call them the press, Brad attended rehabilitation, visited the psychologist and her careless physical appearance gave that talk for months; however, once he turned to see next to his former wife Jennifer Aniston, concurring in awards galas, and on the birthday of the actress, Brad was reborn and the followers of both were shouting to return, as it was one of the marriages most iconic in the entertainment industry.

Now it seems to have fulfilled the dream of the fans. According to the british newspaper The MirrorJennifer and Brad would have seen at least 5 times, in quote romantic, before the delivery of the SAG Awards -prize of union of actors to the united States – in January last year. And the magazine Life & Style ensures that a source close to Jennifer confirmed that the couple loves and who plans a wedding under total secrecy in Los Cabos, Mexico, that would be 20 years later than his first marriage.

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This information would also come to the ears of Angelina, who does not want near your children to the protagonist of Friends so that is pending for an order to reevaluate the custody of her children with Brad. “Angelina has asked him in private (Brad Pitt) that their children should not see or live with Jen and to keep on digging in the wound, has presented a new assessment of the custody of their children against Brad. This was very surprising, even for children,” said the source quoted by The Mirrrors.

Although all of this doesn’t seem to make a dent in the couple of exesposos. “This time they’ll be kept in secret until everything has happened. What Brad more longs for now is to settle down and live happily with his soul mate, Jen,” said the informant to Life &Style.

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt may be on the verge of getting married for the second time