Jennifer Lopez does not use. And his last dress proves it! Photo as well


April 28, 2020
(14:47 CET)

Jennifer Lopez it is not one of the celebrities more followed on the internet. Accumulates 119 million followers, which is not bad. And surpasses other celebrities, such as, for example, the colombian singer Shakira. The couple of Gerard Pique sum more of 66 million. But the diva of the Bronx, far away from other influencers recognized. Very far away.

Starting with artists such as Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez. The first is the woman’s most followed Instagramwith 182 milion of fans. The second, Selenaaccumulates in your have 174 million of admirers. And that which you are celebrities that take much less time JLo on the international scene.

But JLo also is the tail of it girls as Kendall Jenner. The it girl exceeds by nearly 10 million followers. Or Kardashianthat sum 127 million of followers.

Jennifer Lopez has the most loyal fans

Also, other Kardashian as Kylie Jenner or Kimare also above. Kylie sum 171 million of followers, while Kim exceeds the 166 M.

The most loyal fans of Jennifer Lopez

However, what we can boast Jennifer it is one of the familiar faces that their fans will spend more accounts. There are many admirers of Lopez those that have any account to give honor to the new yorker. And they often publish snapshot unreleased of the american amazing.

Jennifer Lopez don’t wear anything underneath

Especially in these days of confinement, in which Jennifer is being quite discreet. Attention, for example, to the image that we have recovered in Daily Goal.

One of those that usually leave you breathless more than one. In it JLo poses with a dress silver with an opening in the top that let view the good form that he has always shown. A snapshot taken for an article for the magazine People in that ignored part of the top of the underwear.