Jonathan Heath says that support of the central bank are not other Fobaproa


Jonathan Heath, deputy governor of Bank of Mexico (Banxico), said that the 750 billion pesos that will be given in support of micro-enterprises, as well as for the domestic market have greater liquidity, does not come from the international reserves or of public resources, so it is not as the Fobaproa.

“It is very important to distinguish because there is a brutal difference with the crisis in 95 and what happened with the Fobaproaare not public resources, we are not playing international reserves, any reserve bank, stated during his participation in the National Conference for the Economic Recovery, which organized the Coordinating Business Council (CCE), according to The Universal.

He mentioned that the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), and the National Banking Commission and Values (CNBV), you can have a surveillance set so that the props arrive properly, since the central bank does not correspond to what companies provide the support.

He explained that it obtained resources are not as liquid as a guarantee that the dealer has liquid resources, in such a way that you can give credit to companies, as well as to individuals, in addition to which provides that the liquidity that will give the national economy is 30% of the size of the interbank market today.

“We are above and looking down from our trench, ensuring that all companies could have the necessary liquidity through the financial system,” said Heath. It also considered that for the financial system be a solution and not the problem, it is necessary to ensure the liquidity, but noted that the fiscal support.