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The singer Karol G, and the duo Simone and Simaria just to demonstrate his great affinity and talent in the video of the song ‘life continued’. The clip was recorded in Las Vegas, united States and has the direction of Marlon Peña.

‘Life Went on’ is part of the repertoire of the acclaimed album Karol G, ‘Ocean’, submitted in 2019. The ballad is sung both in Portuguese and in Spanish. The lyrics of the song brings a dose of suffering, and shows that life continues, even after the end of a relationship.

Karol G it is the latest artist in the circle of american associations of the classmates. In 2018, Simone and Simaria were invited to be part of the album “Non È Detto”, the legendary Italian singer Laura Pausiniin an appearance on the song “Novo”.

It should be noted that the disc ‘Ocean’ of Karol G featuring collaborations from J Balvin, Maluma, Nicky Jam, Anuel AA and more artists.

At the end of 2019, Karol G and the rapper Nicki Minaj joined together to launch the megahit “Tusa”, which is still in the Top 200 on Spotify, with nearly 2 million streams. The partnership was so successful that the song took several Certificates in different countries, including Gold in Brazil. The video account with 790 million views on YouTube.

Karol G she is the owner of the mega-hits “My Bed”, “Believe”, with the participation of Maluma, and “Secret”, which has already reached 1.000 million views on YouTube. Winner of the Latin GRAMMY 2019, as “Best New Artist”, Karol G, 29-year-old, is the Latin artist number one in the world and one of the most important representatives of the urban music today.


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