Kate Beckinsale, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and other ‘celebs’ evacuated by the fires in California


California is, once again, engulfed in the flames. This time it is the north of the state, in the areas of Getty, Kincade, Sonoma, and Tick, with more than 16 active foci that are fuelled by the warm and dry Santa Ana winds. The affected regions have been evacuated, with up to more than 200,000 people have had to leave their homes before the threat of fire and, as already happened last year when burned Calabasas, Beverly Hills and other areas near Los Angeles, between those who have had to leave it running are multiple known faces and their families. Among them are Kate Beckinsale, Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James and Clark Gregg.

Kate Beckinsale, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebs evacuated for the fires in CaliforniaVIEW GALLERY

The desolate map that leave the fires in the California of the ‘celebrities’

The actress All are well has had to leave his home at three in the morning, as she herself has revealed to his followers, with their four pets in tow. “Thank you to everyone that has been concerned. I send love and hope to all those who, like me, you have had to leave home early morning for the fires, and love and admiration also to the Fire Department of Los Angeles,” wrote Kate.

It has not been the only one. The basketball player LeBron James, power forward for The los Angeles Lakers, said Monday that had been forced to evacuate emergency“I have a time going around the car trying to get rooms for my family and haven’t been lucky yet.” “These fires are no joke”, he claimed. A little later, to the questions of his followers, confirming that he had managed to find a place to spend the night and he was grateful for the work of the emergency services. In addition, he sent a message of support to the victims of the fire.

Kate Beckinsale, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebs evacuated for the fires in CaliforniaVIEW GALLERY

Arnold Schwarzenegger was evacuated from his home about 3.30 in the morning and, in your publication, calls upon all those who live in the area of Getty that do not take unnecessary risks: “If you are in an evacuation zone not to lose time, go in. Right now I feel grateful for the best firefighters in the world, true action heroes that go towards the danger to protect californians“. The premiere of his film, Terminator: Target Dark, has even been cancelled due to this threat.

In addition, business as the winery of Francis ford Coppola, located in the area of Geyserville, have also been affected. “Because of the fire of Kincade, we have closed. Although we are not in danger we do not have electricity and the area has received orders to evacuate. We have in mind to our friends and neighbors, as well as the team of firefighters that is working to keep us safe”, have been published in their official profiles.

The actor John Cena has announced that it will donate $ 500,000 to the emergency services of California for his performance in this crisis situation. He plays a fireman in his new movie, Playing with Fireso asks his followers to do everything you can to help those who risk their lives to save us. “In times like these, in which the people are giving everything and working 24 hours, what they need from our part, are resources. This is what should be done, so I do my part to help the cause,” he explained in a sincere video.