Katy Perry is found not guilty by claim of plagiarism

A court in Los Angeles overturned a verdict that had determined that the singer Katy Perry had to pay a total of 2.78 million by plagiarizing a rap song christian theme “Dark Horse”.

After the legal team of the singer appeal the ruling, the judge behind the case issued in its verdict that “Joyful Noise” of Marcus Gray (song allegedly plagiarized) was not sufficiently distinctive as to be protected by copyright.

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Plaintiff’s attorneys have already advanced to local media that they will appeal the new decision as they considered that the judge’s previous “was right” and will do “everything possible to restore your verdict”.

The demand was carried out in 2014 when Marcus Gray, who is handled in the world of music with the alias “Flame” found similarities between “Dark Horse” and their song released in 2008 in the álbúm “Our World: Redeemed”.

Dark Horse“that was part of the disk Prism (2013), is one of the great successes of the career of Katy Perry and its music video, inspired on the old Egyptaccumulating more than 2,600 million reproductions in YouTube.


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