Kim Kardashian: is Depressed by the running of the bulls? Uses the same pajamas ALL day


Kim Kardashian it is another of the celebrities that seem to be in a bad time due to the current quarantine coronavirus and that has left them locked in the house for weeks.

Kim Kardashian: is Depressed by the running of the bulls? Uses the same pajamas ALL day

From the Instagram of Kim Kardashian

In his official account of Instagram, Kim Kardashian shared a picture with his daughter to 167 million followers on the social network, where you see mother and daughter very disheartened.

“The majority of the days don’t we take off the pajamas,” wrote Kim Kardashian on more than 160 million followers in Instagram, which worried some of the fans of the socialite.

As you can imagine, Kim Kardashian is not the only celebrity who begins to feel the ravages of psychological confinement that has led to the pandemic of coronavirus from months ago.

Just a day prior to the depressive folio of Kim Kardashian, his eternal rival, Taylor Swift also turned to Instagram to let it see something listless for the running of the bulls due to the pandemic.

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Kim Kardashian survives quarantine with their children

Despite the difficulties caused by the closure, and social distancing during the quarantine period by the pandemic of coronavirus, the socialite shared that their children help them to cope with it.

“What is it you like most about the quarantine? Let me know The mine is to be with my babies 24/7”.

Kim Kardashian 39 years of age, is the mother of four children: North West of 7 years of age, Saint West 5 years, Chicago West 2 years, and Psalm West just one year of age.

In its official account of Instagram, Kim Kardashian has shared some of the games that she and her children with Kanye West enjoy during this quarantine by coronaviruses and other activities in the family since the bull run that has put the pandemic.