Kourtney Kardashian revealed her simple regime of diet and exercise to improve the health of your body


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The best kept secret Kourtney Kardashian on how to have a body of impact has nothing to do with surgeries.


The older sister of the clan Kardashian-shares popularity, life of luxury, and certain eccentricities of the famous family.

But it has kept its shape and style of life so more private… or at least until now.


Thanks to an interview he had with the publication Healthnow we know some of their secrets to maintain a healthy body.

It sounds difficult, but Kourtney found a way to balance being a mother of three children, appear in one of the realities most controversial in the world and have time for their personal projects.

The output of Kourtney of Keeping Up with the Kardashians


In an effort to focus on improving your life and the lives of other people, Kourtney decided to walk away from the show of your family, Keeping Up with the Kardashians:

I’m trying to put my energy into things that I complete and able to enjoy.

Kourtney in favor of the health and the environment


Sister Kardashian mentioned that her mentality changed with the birth of their first child, Mason, already 10 years ago.


Thanks to this search that others are more aware of what they do, use and consume.

The habits that you try to change in the other members of your family:

“I still look for in their refrigerators! I tell them, ‘Hey, what are you will need to stop using bottled water in plastic?’.

Almost I have changed to consume water in cardboard boxes or glass bottles”.


But the battle is not only in the recyclable materials:

“When I go to the houses of my family, I have yet to see milk, fruits and vegetables are not organic. That really bothers me, and I say ‘why do you not think that organic is best?’. It really annoys me.”

The diet of Kourtney


Change takes time, and you need to be informed about what does damage to the body:

“It is quite interesting the fact that I grew up in the era of super-slim. ‘Fat-free’ and counting calories was what back then. I don’t even think about those things now.

Anyone interested in the carbohydratesonly tried not to ingest fat. I didn’t know what was healthy and what’s not”.

Now, Kourtney shares a regime she follows, as well as the types of food that prevents consume:

“At home, we don’t consume products with gluten or dairy. My skin is very sensitive and if you like dairy, I’m hurting.

I love the diet keto… I noticed that my body changed for the better. I also love the intermittent fasting. I try to do it all the time. Sometimes if I have a normal day of food and I’m satisfied, instead of dinner, I take a soup bone.”

What prevents Kourtney Kardashian?


Never open a can of soda. I do not make such a trap.

But it is not only limited to:

“My mom has a large cupboard in Palm Springs, filled with Cheetos, Oreos, and junk food. Definitely I give to my tastes. Kim and I took a walk on the road, we stopped at a gas station and ate scrap“.

What about the diet of their children?


The small of Kourtney, Mason, Penelope and Reign, also have something to do with the regime:

“With my children, I try not to force it. I teach them about healthy eating and that everything should be in moderation. But when we go to Disneyland, we eat whatever. It is not that as if we were to bring our own desserts”!.

Kourtney loves her body


Kardashian is part of the group of celebrities that has dared to teach the brands of your body without modesty.

Last year, Kourtney showed her stretch marks in social networks, to empower other women to show off your body without fear.


The positive feedback from the users before the publication, was taken by surprise.

“I was surprised by the reaction. I’ve had stretch marks since the eighth or ninth grade on the side of my butt. I never imported that, I love you!”.

How do you exercise your body?


No, not the live in the gym. No, it is not thanks to a plastic surgeon. After becoming a mother, also changed their habits:

“After my children, it is more about maintaining the body. In regards to my exercise routines, I noticed better results when I combined certain workouts with a little box, so I don’t out or I get bored”.


And in addition to keeping the body exercised, focuses on the hydration:

“I make an effort to maintain my routine of skin care.I put on a serum every night after the bath, under my facial lotion”.


But yes, you have to check the source of the products that we use:

“Once you get familiar with the brands dedicated to the non-toxic, that have ingredients clear, it is easier… it is a myth that this kind of beauty products are more expensive, but we’ve found some cheap brands. I love Peach & Lily.”

Take note and follow these simple tips Kourntey Kardashian to improve your life-style.

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