Kylie Jenner causa furor by exposing its brutal rear-guard in the pool with the most tiny bikini


The corporate has uncovered her body and rested from your pool without leaving much to the imagination

With more than 7 million facebook likes, Kylie Jenner has returned to do what he knows best: burst networks to stop.

This time, the youngest of the clan chose the more tiny and colorful bikinis to make a big impact among your followers, who could not let go of your sensual anatomy by high.

“Tuesday taco”wrote the entrepreneur, in his ardent publishing Instagram, where the poses inside the pool stole the breath to all and sundry. In the carousel of several photos that Jenner decided to share are a couple where his rear becomes the undisputed protagonist.

In addition, more than 50 thousand comments reaffirmed their power alabándola and highlighting their unique beauty.