Learn how to wear your gray with pride


Due to the sanitary contingency qeu we are living because of the Covid-19many establishments have closed their doors; among them, the beauty salonsso we have stopped taking services as court and hair dye.

Unless you have dye to apply it in homesurely in these dates have already begun to peek out the gray who regularly cover each month. If you don’t like how they look, here you’re going to give you good reasons for you to love them.

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Although it is true that, for many people, the white hair is related to the age and old age, many women —and men— had their first gray when they were very young.

Since some time ago, famous as Salma Hayek, Sharon Stone and Jamie Lee Curtis, among many others, have shared images showing with orgulllo their gray, betting on the naturalness and spreading the message that there is no age for beauty.


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In men, the gray they represent wisdom and maturity. And this should also apply to women.

One of the main advantages of leaving the gray is that you forget to go to the salon every three weeks to touch up your dye and, with this, save you money that you could invest it in another thing.

In addition, the shades of grey and white attenuate the lines of expression and brightens your face. If you don’t believe, you test it by putting a handkerchief or scarf of white around your face. You’ll see how to soften your features, because a woman with gray hair going more sweet.

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Be the gray it is taking a lot of strength all over the world, so that the term “granny hair”, which could be translated as “hair of the grandmother”, is beginning to gain a lot of popularity.

More and more women of all ages leave their gray discovered and share images through their social networks, noting that the quarantine has given them the opportunity to rest your hair of the dyes.

Now, one thing is to let them grow gray and another very different is descuidare. Remember, a cana it is a hair that has lost melanin, which causes it to become more hard and resistant.

You need to apply an extra moisturizing, so that your hair keep it nice and easy to comb. In addition, you must trim it to keep its shape and that you don’t look scruffy.

To make it look completely white will spend a bit of time. In the meantime, you’ll see how they grow, and they grow the roots, leaving the hair with color. Have patience.

The silver tone in your head, also you can bring sophistication, beauty and elegance. In addition, we will provide a modern touch and irreverent.

If as the days go by you like every time you more your graywhen they open again beauty salons you can ask for staining the color of your hair and then simply wait to grow up.