Mally, the capuchin monkey Justin Bieber


The pet had a brief stay with the singer, as it was decommissioned for live in in German zoo

Mally, the capuchin monkey Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber had a capuchin monkey as a short-lived pet.

LISA O CONNOR / AFP / Getty Images

Justin Bieber received as a gift a capuchin monkey only 14 weeks when he turned 19 on march 1, 2013, immediately called the little primate as Mally and they seemed inseparable.

However, little lasted the link between the two because at the end of march the canadian singer gave a concert in Munich, Germany and there the customs authorities confiscated the monkey by had not counted with the required documents to enter the countryaccording to Mascotadictos.

Then, Mally was left in the care of an animal shelter and even though they contacted some of the representatives of Bieber, did not do much to rescue the animal, the less he did the own Bieber.

The interpreter of “Sorry” should pay a bill that amounted to several thousands of dollars for the stay of two months of your former pet, thanks to the costs of food, care and veterinary attention.

The singer was quite criticized for having a monkey for a pet and in addition as small as that should not have separated from her mother until she was a year old. After they fulfill the term decreed by the authorities, the little primate was declared a German and what led up to the Park Serengeti in Hodenhagen, in northern Germany.

We chose the zoo that place because it is the only one in the country that with a family of capuchin monkeys. There now lives with three other males and three females, one of which was born on a date similar and I have called Molly.

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