Maluma wants to find true love, ‘enough of diamonds and Ferraris’



A few days ago Maluma presented his new single ‘ADMV’ -acronym of the expression ‘love of my life‘- with which he has managed to surprise all his fans by committing to a sound and a subject matter far removed froml gender urban that has made him a world star.

The idea for this song began to take shape in January, after that I could not fly to and from Jamaica, where he was working on his next album, to Las Vegas to attend the gala of the Grammy nominated for the first time as the Best Latin Artist, and will be a huge disappointment.

“I got in a kayak and I paddle up to find myself in the middle of the ocean and then I started to think about my priorities,” he explained in a statement to Billboard.

“I realized that I was investing too much energy and a lot of time in my career-and I was forgetting myself, of my essence and the things truly important in life, like family or find true love”.

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The conclusion arrived at was that, even though he is the first to publish photos of their cars or of their privileged way of life in the social networks, I also wanted to show another facet of theirs more real.

“I’m sick of hearing always the same thing; people talking about diamonds, and of fiestas and Ferraris. There are more important things, like the love that we feel for each other,” he lamented.

That is, on the other hand, the great unfinished business that remains for the colombian singer and that will have to wait to the end of the isolation period.

“I believe in the love of truth, yet I have not found, but I want to get old next to my partner,” said the young man.

Currently, Maluma meet single, even though already it has been linked with the Russian model Vivien Rubin, with whom he was on a holiday in Aspen, USA, at the beginning of the year, though none has confirmed a romance long-term.

A few months ago for the singer of reggaeton ended their courtship of two years with the Croatian model cuban Natalia Barulich.