Marat Safin criticizes the women’s tennis and Youzhny don’t know the top-10


The debate on equality in tennis takes a lot of time on the table and has not been without controversy. The balance in the cash prizes between men and women gives rise to certain opinions, something skeptical, since the media attention, audiences and spectators in the men’s matches is much higher than in those of the women, as well as the effort they must invest to reach the elite by the increased competition among the men. However, the tennis decided a long time ago to be a driver of gender equality and not based these decisions on meritocracy, but in a just society in which women are equal in rights and opportunities.

The proposal of Roger Federer to merge both institutions in order to make that tennis is acting much more coordinated, powerful and cohesive. The majority supported it, others like Kyrgios have been skeptical while Marat Safin offers an interesting point of view, supporting the idea with an original story. “I think it’s a good idea, you can build a product set that would bring many benefits to our sport. The product is else would market much better, it would be more attractive for the sponsors and I think it would be a real help for women’s tennis,” said a Marat that was not cut off when speaking of the clear difference of importance between the WTA tour and ATP for the public at large.

Roger Federer has opened a veda that can converge in a new era for tennis in the future. Is it possible to unify the WTA and ATP?

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“Men’s tennis is the one in charge. Leads, increasing revenue and attention for a long time. For their part, the women’s tennis is much less marketable, very difficult to sell, and I would say almost impossible if there are no big stars. Without the presence of stars of sports, but also media, such as Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams, women’s tennis is a non-starter,” said Safin who was seconded by his compatriot Mikhail Youzhny. “I agree. To me now you ask me to tell you what is the top-10and I can point out some names but not all of them, or their order, and that I am very involved in tennis,” said the current coach of Denis Shapovalov. Interesting debate that opens with these statements.