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There are many doubts about who could be again Wolverine after his farewell in Logan. The character that she played Hugh Jackman seems to have many candidates in a row.

And it is sure that one of the mutants favorite X-Men could not interpret any actor. It is as well as the names of Oscar Isaac (Apocalypse in days of future past), John Bernthal (The punisher), Tom Hardy (Venom) and up to Jason Momoa are considered as potential options to give life to the hero.

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However, if there is an artist that people want in the paper, as manifested in social networks, is without a doubt, Keanu Reeves. Despite having more than 50 years, his unforgettable characterizations in franchises like Matrix and John Wick would ensure that Wolverine will be in good hands.

Not only their great work in front of the camera has earned him the affection of the fans to Reeves. More than one ensures that your sample of humanity and simplicity make it the perfect candidate.

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One of the reasons is that Marvel has always looked for actors who are not scandals and there is probably no one better than him.

In addition, an awesome fan art of Keanu Reeves with the classic suit Wolverine has caused a stir on Instagram, because it shows how it would look the mutant in the skin of the man who gave life to John Wick.

Although there is no doubt that the actor could play the role in the not too distant future, all would depend on the decision of Kevin Presentthe CEO of Marvel Studios.