Mia Khalifa puts her life at risk, fans are concerned


Mia Khalifa puts her life at risk, fans are concerned | Instagram

The beautiful Mia Khalifa who is now in quarantine like thousands of other people has worried their fans because they think that has put her life at risk.

Khalifa is now dedicated to being commentator sports and it also has a private page where a certain amount of money you can access exclusive content from their photo sessions.

Due to the fame that he acquired being an actress film for adults, Mia Khalifa takes advantage of today those benefits because he remains someone very dear and on all searched on the Internet that has also released calendars that apparently are very much in demand.

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Were twenty-nine films in which it participated in only twelve months, then retire but continue being one of the celebrity’s favorites of some internet users.

What called more the attention to become on-trend at that time was not precisely its “performance” but noticed that in one of the scenes in this used its hijab.

What has his followers worried about is your state of health because they believe that she has put her life at risk since some months ago has been dedicated enough to exercise is for this reason that your fans are aware of because it has come down a lot of weight.

Despite the fact, that does a lot of exercises and her body looks toned your weight is disturbing then making some comparisons as to how I was before starting to do exercise is a lot of difference.

“According to say that has a very deep depression”. “This very thin”. “Caught some disease!!”. “You’re not eating enough protein he used to”. “Very thin”, some of the comments made by the internet users.

Recently shared a few stories in your account official of Instagram where he shared a part of your exercise routine which makes a continuous manner but on this occasion, it was noticeable to its thin appearance.