Millie Bobby Brown is the new ambassador millennial ‘Pandora Me’


Millie Bobby Brown is the new ambassador millennial ‘Pandora Me’

Millie Bobby Brown is the new ambassador millennial 'Pandora Me'


The american actress has become the worldwide image of the brand jewelry Danish with charms inspired by emoticons of Whatsapp.

The multi-faceted Millie Bobby Brown it is now a business woman. After the end of the last season of ‘Stranger Things’, the actress has added a host of new and exciting projects, and some of them are of the screen. If you already saw it some months ago, premiering its own signature cosmetic beauty ‘Florence by Mills’, now it is the turn of Pandora. The famous brand of bracelets with charms he has wanted to collaborate with Brown and pick up that aura of youthful, artistic and fun in their designs. Their fans go crazy, and the actress could not be more pleased with the outcome.

Pandora makes Me to Millie Bobby Brown in his ambassador's youngestPandora makes Me to Millie Bobby Brown in his ambassador younger

The collection, inspired by childhood and adolescence, is based on a set of mini charms that serve to decorate bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings or brooches. The ways are endless and range from smiling faces, cactus or rainbow up to moons, musical notes and bumblebees. Are bathed in sterling silver from sustainable origins and remind us of the emoticons of Whatsapp. The result? A collection very noventera with pieces full of meaning. To choose the charm that best go with your personality, you just have to get carried away by your memories and tastes. This way, you will have the Pandora bracelet that best defines you.


This has made Millie Bobbie Brown and her combination of charms is cool. The actress of ‘Stranger Things’ have been chosen, among others, a unicorn, a musical note, a kiss and a charm pendant that says “Girl Pride“. The first reminds him of his sister, the second to her first kiss was during a film shoot very uncomfortable, the musical note expresses the passion felt by the young Brown for the music. And the pendant of ‘Girl Pride’ claimed importance of the struggle for women’s rights. Here, more than ever, the jewelry of Pandora takes on a meaning very personal, that allude to the best years of life during the childhood and adolescence.

The collection has been a success and their fans are eager to get their hands on it. Since then, Brown turned to gold everything that he touches. And if you do not take a look at their signature beauty ‘Florence’, which offers make-up and products facial cleanser vegan free of parabens and sulfates. The lipsticks are enriched with vitamins and masks are for all skin types. Although the collection of ‘Pandora X Millie Bobbie Brown’ has not yet gone on sale, ‘Florence’ can be found via the web and official stores.

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