Natalia Barulich demonstrating his love by Maluma


The comments of a return between the model Natalia Barulich and the singer Maluma have circulated on social media then that she expressed her love for the reggaetonero.

The “Pretty Boy” he shared via his Instagram a picture where you could see from the comfort of your garden with a message reflective.

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“When we fail the memory and just left the pictures,” said the interpreter of “HP” and “Four babys”; sub envargi that phrase has been picked up for her new single “ADMV”.

Before this publication, the american model did not hesitate to express the love they still feel for Maluma and, without thinking twice, he told his post with a smiley with the eyes of heart.

It should be noted that the couple ended in mid-2019 and will not be returned to view. Versions claim that she was unfaithful with the footballer Neymarbut later she explained that the reason for their separation was because they both needed to dedicate more time and passion to their careers.

Comment of Natalie caused a lot of controversy and the sayings of the followers of both were not long in coming, asking them if they had already returned. However, none of the two have confirmed anything right now