Netflix | “rescue Mission”: Chris Hemsworth discusses the end of the popular action movie | Tyler Rake


Chris Hemsworth returns to the screens, leaving behind her character of ‘Thor’. The role of this avenger has been his trademark for years, however, after we said good-bye, you have been presented more opportunities in the film industry.

The artist comes to Netflix with the movie “Rescue mission” where he plays Tyler Rake, a young mercenary who offers his services on the black market in exchange for a large amount of money.

The first mission that you have is rescue Ovi, the child was abducted from one of the drug dealers in India, so that it travels to that country. As the father of the teen is in jail, can’t make things easier, but it gives names of those who have to take care of yourself.

On the way to keep it safe becomes a kind of adventure and suspense. If you’ve seen the movie, the end could leave you a bit confused as it does not close all the film and possibly there is a second part.


The director of “Rescue mission”, Sam Hargrave, wanted to leave you with intrigue to many of the fans of the film. It is worth remembering that Tyler Rake die at the hands of the police I was working with other mafias for saving the life of Ovi. As he was badly injured, falls from a bridge and is sinking in the river.

Spend 8 months and the young is going to school, and when they have swimming classes, it is released to the pool, comes out and sees a silhouette that simulates the mercenary. To this end he caused many Netflix users to speculate on the second part.

For that reason, Chris Hermsworth he explained what had to that outcome: “The idea of keeping it ambiguous was based on the responses of different audiences to the screening test, about what they believe had happened or wanted to happen. We shot several versions of the final to have a backup. I’m grateful for that, Sam insisted on doing so to cover all the options.”

For its part, Hargrave explains that that was his intention and that he wanted to please the audience, think what you think about the story. “There was a reaction divided between the public, we try to satisfy both sides. With luck, if as part of the audience will like the character and want to see more, you will see a result in the end. You will get to see Tyler. If you felt that the story was complete with the sacrifice, may you see the different there“.