New song from Travis Scott sounds like samples of Kingdom Hearts


By Cian Maher,
Wednesday 29th of April 2020 11:14 GMT

A song of Travis Scott recently launched sounds like a sample of a song beloved from Kingdom Hearts.

Last week, Travis Scott launched “The Scotts”, a new song with Kid Cudi. You can review it here below.

The song was received incredibly well, racking up over 7.5 million views in less than a week. However, it didn’t take long for that avid players of Kingdom Hearts is realized a similarity that he shared with a track that could not locate. It sounded vaguely familiar, but why? A listener turned to Reddit in search of help.

Help to find this song from Kingdom Hearts Sample KingdomHearts

“Now he is bugging me even more and is making a comeback in a rap song as part of the rhythm,” writes the poster. “If anyone can help me identify this song, I’d be in debt forever”.

Another Redditor came to the rescue. As a result, The Scotts presents a progression incredibly similar to the theme of Kairi of Kingdom Hearts. It is not a direct display, and relies more on a sound synthetic low fidelity, in the charming chorus xilofónico of the variant of Kingdom Heart, but the torque is close enough to one another to be able to make the comparison, especially if you are willing to accelerate a little the bpm on the subject of Kairi to match the cadences. So, even though Scott is not necessarily tested Kingdom Hearts, although it is possible that he did and simply cut and changed, there is at least a possibility sound that has been influenced by him (though the fall of serious Kairi”s Theme is much more heavy)

It would not be the first time a rapper has taken influence from Kingdom Hearts. In 2011, J Cole sampled the song “Darkness of the Unknown” by Yoko Shimomura of Kingdom Hearts 2 for the “Dollar and a Dream III”. You can view it below: listen carefully and you will hear fragments of the song of Kingdom Hearts on the track.

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In addition, in case you didn’t know, recently there was a scenario of Travis Scott in Fortnite.

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