Real Madrid: The golden cage of Camavinga


To the naked eye, the Rennes it can seem like a club unable to withstand the onslaught of a large of Europe for one of their players. Error. The want now to the pearl Camavinga, as is the case of the Real Madridyou will have to pass over the clan Pinault, father and son. Are the terms the anglo-saxons would be called billionairesin reality, the billionaires, the heads of a holding multinational luxury (Gucci, Yves Saint Lurent, Puma…), which the family has raised a wealth estimated at 30.500 million euros. Fortune 37 in the ranking Forbes. Are owners and fans of Rennes, need not be enriched with his football team, and not them trembles the pulse: according to L Èquipein February they cast the president of the club breton, because it negotiated with Madrid by Camavinga behind the backs of the shareholders ‘ meeting. With the Pinault not to play.

Escudo/Bandera Real Madrid

As reported, Camavinga could leave in the summer for 50 million. Zidane wants to if it comes Pogba. But the obstacles are many. The first, which has no clause tender. The second, which has a contract until 2022, so that the Rennes no urge to sell. The third, that in the club breton, nothing moves without the approval of the Pinault collection. Of little use to be, even, the best president of the recent history of Rennes. If you step out of the script, what you pay. Happened to Olivier Létang, who had to leave his presidential chair because it is not informed properly that it was discussing a possible sale of Camavinga to Madrid. Little helped him to go third in the League standings gala. “Létang is thought that Rennes was hers and that she did not like the Pinault collection”, was read in the French press. The family is so deep-rooted in the Rennes that the heir to the empire, François-Henri, the partner of the actress Salma Hayek, was a ball boy / girl set rojinegro when I was a kid…

François Henri Pinault, the CEO of the group Pinault, with his partner, the actress Salma Hayek.

An economy enviable

The case is that the Rennes don’t need to do box. Together with the PSG the club reorganized in France and their losses last season were just 1.5 million euros, an insignificant amount for a club that is fighting in the noble area of the Ligue 1 and plays the Europa League. Not even you would be affected by the crisis stemming from the coronavirus, because in addition to the mattress Pinault, if the pressure of the Ligue1 tv operators to be maintained to respect the new contract which is due to enter into force in 2020-21, Rennes will collect 28M€ for their audiovisual rights to 51M€, almost the double. A jump cuantativo for a club unstable but managed economically with swiss precision. It takes two consecutive seasons in which practically buys and sells almost the same amount. And olisquea the Champions league, spur greater to avoid the flight of talent.

Meanwhile, the climate in the surroundings of Rennes is tighten so that the young midfielder to follow there. Although the coach of the squad rennais said in a ACE that Camavinga would fit in Chamartín, it is still expected that the player reconsider and continue developing in their current team. “Oh, let Camavinga quiet!”, it was the expressive holder of the correspondent SoFoot in a report on the situation of the guy. A lot in the future of Camavinga is in the hands of Pinault, in if you want to open the cage of luxury and let fly.