Red and fags


I studied journalism at the university Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona next to David Valldeperasthe director of Save meand the view is who has succeeded in life and who is not. I would lie if I said that I know, because I don’t think they have crossed more than a dozen words with him between class Arcadi Sword and class of Mònica Terribas, through the corridors of the faculty.

Yes I remember thinking of him, that he was quite more alive than ready, more ready than smart and that smart was certainly much more than I, that 90% of the students and all the professors of the university, except two or three. I also remember having thought that didn’t seem too interested in journalismor what I understood at that time by journalism, and it seems that I chose my tire on that.

I remember that he wore with a style that I was unable to identify at that timebut now it is already a standard among those who wear the bow tie and american flowered at the wedding. He was well liked throughout the world and especially to them, which looked amazing. If I had been asked at that time which of my peers was more likely to end up running a program as Save me, I would have pointed that out to him without a doubt.

We lost the track as soon as I graduated and one day, much later than any Spanish-knowledgeableI discovered that he was the director of Save me. “Pussy, Valldeperas”. Now I see that it has not stopped working since you left the university. If someone believes that he became the head of the core program of the Spanish television jumping from party to party with Paolo Vasile, who meditate two times.

I’m glad to have gone well if only for talibanism meritocratic. If Valldeperas is there is for something. It is clear that she does well what it does, and the proof is that my field come echoes of their work and I doubt that he will reach ever echoes of mine. To change, sometimes I am allowed to whisper in the ear that people who take decisions on the lives of all, including of Valldeperas. The universe has its tradeoffs.

Jorge Javier Vázquez you do not know that the bolsheviks real because he would have been put in a concentration camp for reeducarlo and after fusilarlo, but has all the right to claim a program for reds and fags. There are more political truth in that phrase than in three hundred and brainy analysis data-driven of The Country. If you would have added “women” would have plated the programme of the left for the TWENTY-first century: feminization, identity and sentimentality.

[Theywouldsay[Ellosdiríanfeminism, equality and progressivismbut that is only the wrapper].

Who applauded “the zasca Jorge Javier Vázquez to the skip” this Monday, that is to say the environment we Can, I don’t expect greater depths intellectuals. But Valldeperas –which, to repeat, is above all ready– you should be aware the favor that made him her program Monday to Vox. Talking is free, but it’s hard to find public, and there are sites where you get paid for talking with the public. The profit margin is huge.

I seem to cherished the ones who see Save me waiting for a judicious analysis of the socio-political and economic of the surrounding reality and concomitant. Those who are outraged, with a melonazo of Jorge Javier Vázquez, as if this had come out of the mouth of the minister of the Interior. Minister who, by the way, fit more in Save me in the Moncloa. But that is another topic.

I guess that people that interprets Save me as if you were reading to Christopher Hitchens it is the same one that says bored with one of David Lynch because there are no hosts or with one of Jason Statham because the characters are schematic.

To me Save me it seems to me a portent of the tv, but that is because I am a pedant. As I said an old Catalan exiled in Mexico after the Civil War, “I accept a world of moron because I’ve seen both, but not endure the idiocy everyday because there is little for me to hear. Sitting at the table of reality, I agree, if you tap, with God or with the devil, but pitching when you take the word the asshole, or the holy“.

A thousand times before Jorge Javier Vázquez, Save me and David Valldeperas that Pablo Iglesiasthe Aló, presidente of Pedro Sanchez and Greta Thunberg. The sermons, for the gazmoños and the beatas. To me they give me reds and fags, gods and devils, with those I understand you.