Rejected Spice Girls to sing with Adele


The Spice Girls refused to perform a duet with Adele as part of his tour of reunion, on a date that would be in Wembley stadium of London.

The offer came from Adele, who since he knew that the grouping will meet again, he declared his fanaticism.

“I heard a rumor about that she wanted to join us on stage to play ‘2 Become 1’, but we refuse. To see, who would want to sing live along to Adele?”said Mel C at The Sun.

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However the band vowed not to have anything against the artist, just that they were not willing to left eclipse for her.

By the time the group hasn’t announced any more dates from that said goodbye to their fans the last month of June.

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In the case of Mel C, she would be delighted to go in the future to countries that have not yet been visited, and considered that the only possibility that the five Spice Girls back to meet in front of your audience would be to offer them the lead in the poster of the mythical Glastonbury festival.

“I would love to do more shows. He was very loved by so many people and we have fans all over the world.

“And we have fans that we have never been, whether in southeast asia, South america or even Australia,” said Mel C.

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Mel, who last week released his new solo single “High Heels”, also spoke about the decision of the designer Victoria not to return to the group after their performance at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

“Victoria was very nervous when we were in the Olympic Stadium. And do you know what? It is completely understandable. Your life has changed a lot, and she has worked very hard.

“She is at the top of its industry that is very different and for her return to acting, I was petrified, then I understand,” he said.

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