Revitalizes your face like celebrities, with the technique of Gua Sha


The story has it that after the battles, the emperors oriental stimulate the circulation in the skin with the technique Gua Sha, which luckily has come to our days, when in spite of that we have other types of struggles, the need to look radiant is the same. So don’t hesitate to copy these important characters and move the roller for the skin to eliminate the swelling and relax the muscles of the face, which will result in a total rejuvenation.

The dreaded wrinkles, the derrotadora sagging, the hateful dark circles and the appalling inflammation have an enemy in the age-old technique that is the boom of the aesthetic among celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kendall Jenner, Blanca Padilla, Emilia Clarke and Romee Strijd, the model of Victoria Secrets, who stand out for a beauty full of brightness, to reduce congestion and smoothness that we all long for!

As we have already said, this tool is not a novelty but an ancestral heritage of the beauty regime of women of the nobility of china two thousand years ago, for its properties to revitalize facial muscles, slow down the aging process or the healing of stress and for that reason, see how they look like celebrities, they give us faith that it does work.This ritual facial is divided into two parts, the largest intended for areas such as jowls, cheeks and forehead, while the smaller one to the area of the nose, and the contour of the eyes.

“These rollers stimulate natural collagen of the skin and the lymphatic system, delaying aging, improving the appearance of the skin and decreasing lines of expression,” he explained in a video via Instagram the facialista Ling Chan, in charge of caring faces in the media as the supermodel Miranda Kerr or Behati Prinsloo.

The technique “Gua Sha” is made with mineral-planes of a semicircular shape, designed to conform to the shape of the face, which, as its name suggests, the zest in upward strokes to promote blood circulation.

Quartz or jade, these flat stones are promising, according to published Melissa Wood, head of training, nutrition and lifestyle of several celebrities in new york, “a few similar effects to those of botox, acquired in a natural way by means of the activation of facial muscles”, as detailed in one of his videos.