Rihanna has been living in Mexico and no one knew | Music


The singer spoke of his love for Mexico and even confessed that occasionally lives there


it has a very close relationship to Mexico, not only because it is a great place to vacation, but because in reality, he has lived in that country because they feel identified with him.

So he confessed the star in an interview with Vogue, where he hinted that it is one of the destinations in the most spend time, in addition to England or his native Barbados.

“I simply love Mexico. I can truly relate to and empathize with the mexican people or Latin, who are discriminated against the united States. I know what it feels like to have to the immigration entering your house in the middle of the night and dragging to the people,” said the singer.

He told Rihannashe had about eight years when he lived a situation like this. “I know how difficult it is for a child,” he explained in the interview about the reasons why you like to be in Mexico, because he feels very identified with the situation of many there.

That is why it is common to see photographs of the performer, spending time in Puerto Vallarta, sunning or enjoying the beach.

But, not all are holidays for Rihanna. The singer said that it is “aggressively working on new music”. However, did not answer when will it be your expected, and ninth studio album.

“I can do whatever I want,” said the pop star, who released “Believe It” his first song in four years with PartyNextDoor, giving evidence that in fact, yes continues making music despite his absence in the scenarios.

In 2017, Rihanna participated in collaborations such as “Wild Thoughts” with DJ Khaled, “Loyalty” with Kendrick Lamar and “Lemon” with N. E. R. D; since then, he has been inactive in the music scene.

That is why, with the premiere of “Believe It”, the fans hope that this means they are closer to listening to a successor of “Anti”, an album that drew in 2016.