Sara Carbonero wants to “liarla” with her friend Isabel Jimenez



The journalist Sara Carbonero, like a good part of the citizens who are subjected these days to the forced confinement motivated by the crisis of the coronavirus, has not been able to avoid fantasizing about some of the plans that take place in the future and as soon as it is safe to return to normal after the pandemic and the period of confinement.

In addition to get back to enjoying the outdoors-and without limitation – together with her husband, Iker Casillas, and the two children born to the marriage, Martin and Luke, also a presenter will star in an emotional meeting with one of the best friends he made during his time at Telecinco, the also reporting Isabel Jiménez, to the point that he has promised a celebration to the height of the circumstances.

“This photo, what I miss is the beach. #My comadre, #less, #we’re going to roll”, has been written with nostalgia the reporter sports along with an image that portrays both the Portuguese coast and most likely during the autumn or winter.

“Oh little! Our little bit will return very soon and the world will tremble… that I assure you! I love you, comadre”, he addressed Elizabeth with excitement at the plank reviews of the publication.

Both Sara and the rest of your family remain in these days in Porto and trying to make the most of the long days of home insulation, which has room for games, books, educational tasks, and, of course, the active engagement of the partner with the charitable causes that have brought about these troubled times.

“I’ve already collaborated with Unicef. Add our forces to protect those who protect us in this pandemic, the heroes and the heroines who are on the front lines of battle every day for us. Between all we’re going to get to finish very soon with this virus,” announced the journalist in mid-the month of April.