Selena Gomez, JLO and Anuel AA in a same song


What a collaboration between Anuel AA, Selena Gomez and JLO?, no, not in these times; more yes you will be together in the same song.

How is this possible?, because the rumors emerged after Karol G share a post on a song that involved all three characters.

It was last April 1, that the bride of the famous reguetonero shared a Instagram Story where was the screen of a computer, apparently someone, Anuel AA, I was recording a song.

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That’s pretty normal, but what raised the alerts was the fact that the melody will take by title by JLO Selena Gomez.

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The fans went crazy when they saw those tracks since they believed was a clear announcement that could be the collaboration of the year.

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The hopes of all were lost when Karol G clarified that it was all a misunderstanding, but it would be the three involved in the same song.

Not for now! I was taking Emma in a song where he mentions and put that name that I saw when I put in the storie, he wrote the singer on twitter.