Shakira is a graduate of philosophy and already believe in Carlos Marx


Shakira becomes philosophy karl Marx
Shakira. Photo: Shutterstock

Shakira is a graduate of a course of philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. Showed the diploma in social media and the internet exploded at the announcement, as the fans believe that the singer, after almost 20 years finally makes reference to one of their best songs: “I don’t Think”. Called attention because in the song says he doesn’t believe in the authors, karl Marx, Jean Paul Sartre and Brian Weiss.

So Shakira took advantage of the quarantine to resolve the outstanding issues that I had with the philosophy. He explained that it was an online course of four weeks, and took it every night after I put you to sleep to his children Sasha and Milan. “Thanks to Plato, its predecessors and the University of Pennsylvania for the “fun” of these 4 weeks”she wrote on Instagram and Twitter.

And of course, the memes did not wait. Especially with photos of Shaki in their first years of success in the 90’s.

However, in the course did not check to karl Marx and the modern authors he mentions in the song. It was more a course of traditional philosophy western, where he studied the thinkers of ancient Greece such as Plato, Socrates, thales, Heraclitus and others. Until her husband, Gerard Pique, was recorded a few days ago while taking classes online.

It is amazing that Shakira motivate this type of on-line courses during the forty as a new hobby. But our favorite part, obviously, are the memes.

Some are of the opinion that she knows of philosophy since he wrote his first songs and we FULLY AGREE.

Others believe that this is a sign that come great songs.

Honoris causa for Shakira.

Shakira on her graduation from home

Despite the current situation, everything indicates that Shakira is having a good 2020, since he began the year in the best way by cracking in the Half Time Show of the Super Bowl next to JLo.