Shakira shows her more natural and boasts a new ‘photographer’


The colombian singer Shakira was one of the celebrities that launched a petition asking the Government to find a solution to the millions of children that they must stay in their homes confined and can’t get out to the street. In the last few hours, the couple of Gerard Pique seems to have found a way to entertain her two young children.

The ‘future’ profession of Sasha

In particular the protagonist of his latest publication on social networks has been the small of the Piqué Mebarak: Sasha. The own Shakira wanted to boast of the new artist that they have discovered in their home and share their possible future profession, with the millions of followers that builds up the colombian on Instagram.

“I think my son Sasha wants to be a photographer,” revealed Shakira in your profile sharing in addition to its more natural image, with a face completely make-up removal and a set that could pass for that of a pajama. Although the little Sasha was not seen, what is certain is that his mother found him mentioned as the author of the snapshot, and it may be said that they do not give anything bad to take pictures despite its 5 years.

Multitude of comments praising Shakira

The confinement continues dragging on, and many of the leading personalities of our country improvise images like this from Shakira to entertain their followers. Most of them take advantage to show off your pictures to family and it is with this last detail the colombian has also conquered his fans.

There have been many comments that have been coming to Shakira on your publication, though almost all of the flattery took the little Sasha. “Tremendous photographer”, “looks like your mother” or “Sasha manages to capture your inner light, a matter of Gift inherited”, have been some of the messages that have been read answering to the image.

Not far behind Shakira and is also able to read the reactions of their most faithful fans, which not let pass the opportunity to commend once again the beauty of the colombian with messages such as “with that mom so wonderful who would not want to live it portraying” or “with that model…”.