Shakira takes advantage of the quarantine to begin to study philosophy in college!


If there is something that is more than clear is that Shakira never ceases to amaze usalmost 3 months since his spectacular presentation of half time at the Super Bowl LIV by the side of JLo, the colombian singer has shown us that he knows perfectly how to take great advantage of your free time in this quarantine.

And no, we are referring to another of the effective diets and exercise routines of Shakira (as you confessed that you took to prepare for the amazing halftime show of the superbowl trailer), but hours of dedication to one of its great hidden passions: the philosophy!

Such how to read it… recently the interpreter of ‘Anthology’, showed in social media his well-deserved diploma, after having completed an intensive course at home, with talented teachers such as Susan Sauvé Meyer at the renowned University of Penn (in a virtual way).

‘I have graduated after 4 weeks in the course of ancient Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania (@Penn). I know… I have hobbies too little practice, but I spent many hours after children are sleeping. Thanks to Plato and his predecessors for all the ‘fun’ during the past month!’, said Shak with a lot of pride on Twitter.