So fun to be Will Smith during quarantine (+video)


In his account of Instagram, the actor and producer Will Smithpublished a video that has made you laugh at all his followers, where it shows you how to pass the time during the quarantine that lives by the pandemic coronavirus.

And during this contingency that the world lives by the coronavirus, Smith wasted no time to get to know have fun, and to entertain all their fans with one of their most recent publications.

This is a video in which he appears, humming a tune, while he makes movements from one side to another with his camera, and being incorporated into different clips, that have had the internet, an issue that everyone in the audience thanks him for giving them a moment of laughter.

The start of his career began when he was 12 years old in the rap world, and on the day of today, it is one of the personalities who has inspired millions of young people to continue with their dreams and have positioned ourselves as one of the actors american of the time.

Throughout all the years he has excelled in movies, series, rapper, film producer and televisionits popularity has reached high levels in followers on their social networks, especially Instagram, which has more than 45.5 million followers.