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Endgame (End game) marked the end of many of the Avengers original, including Iron Man. Actor Robert Downey Jr. had to say goodbye to the role of Tony Stark more than a decade after its first appearance. And the brothers Russo have shared the moment in which the actor is fired, after saying his great phrase: “I am Iron Man”.

The couple of director organized a Watch Party, an online viewing of Endgame with comments, to celebrate that one year ago, they released the tape. And through Twitter they shared the emotional moment in which Downey Jr. farewell to the computer once finished his work in the Marvel Universe, after saving the world for the last time.

“The last day of Downey on the set after filming the moment ‘I am Iron Man’. The very definition of a legend. We love to this man 3000”, wrote Russo in the tweet, thanking the actor his great job as Tony Stark.

Without a doubt Downey Jr. it was one of the castings most successful of Marvel, since your charisma and your great interpretation of Iron Man was the start of a Movie Universe that has given rise to 24 films, and those that remain. The cinema of superheroes owes much to the actor, whose interpretation is already considered by many as a legend, including the own directors of Endgame.

If there is one truth that is unshakable in the world of film is that every story has its end. And Avengers: Endgame closed in a masterly manner the Saga of the Infinity of the Universe Marvel, which meant that many actors was a character played for a decade. In the case of Chris Evans was Captain America, and the brothers Russo have revealed a video of the emotional goodbye.

Via Twitter shared the tear a moment in which Evans says goodbye to the team once he has finished the filming of the last battle against Thanos. With the suit of the Capi still in place, the actor embraces all the people who made possible the epic adventure of Avengers.

“This is Chris Evans on the last day of play the Captain America forever,” wrote Russo in the tweet and bowing down to the great work of the actor playing Steve Rogers. “A lot of love and respect for you, sir. What race is so incredible.”

Although the character of Evans not died in Endgameunlike other Avengers original as Black Widow or Iron Man, in the chronology of the current Marvel Universe is old, after staying in the past with his love of a lifetime, the agent Carter, so it is very unlikely that Evans return to play Steve Rogers.

The Russo also shared a small clip behind the camera that proves that, in reality, the Capi “is not as old” as you think they are fans. (E)