Superheroes and villains hottest movie and TV


You can call them superheroes or supervillanos, in any way, we are going to call all of these characters are super hot!

Today is the National Day of Superheroes in the united States, and it doesn’t matter if you’re team Marvel or team DC Comics, we can all agree that we are team thirsty when it comes to seeing the chiseled abs and the figures in the form of some of the heroes and villains are more popular than Hollywood.

For example, the cast of Avengers the big favorites are the Chris… Hemworth, Pratt or Evans.

There are also some villains as Cate Blanchett and Margot Robbie with that, sure, we’re not happy when it comes to their plans to conquer the world, but we can not deny that what they are doing while you look great.

So, in honor of the feast of today, we have gathered the superheroes and supervillanos most popular of all time to celebrate this occasion.

I watch them in the video above!