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Ashley Benson, the actress who played Hannah in Small Lying, has spent Christmas away from his family. And is that, since they confirm their relationship with the model, Cara Delevingne, everything seems to point to the family bond has been brokenat least with their parents.

She argued days before the end of the year with a publication of Instagramthat if the family does not respect who you love, you must seek other support. A situation that could be living it herself.

“I know lots of people that is not accepted by her family for loving whom she loves, and I understand your pain. Our hearts are the ones who determine who we love, not our minds or our bodies. If your family has set aside for this reason, create your own family. Your friends will always want to”.

What are your friends and family to model their new family unit? We can’t confirm it, but the networks seem to have it clear. These parties, as indicated, the actress has not only shared the holiday with the family Cara Delevingnehe has also made more evident the estrangement with their parents.

Added to this was that Ashley and her mother have stopped being friends in the networks, it is more, not even tagged in photos in which they appear together. Something that the own followers of the protagonist of Pretty Little Liars have noticedand when in doubt, have decided to unfollow you in mass to his mother, Shannon Benson, meantime, has had to pull file in order to congratulate the Christmas holidays.

If the nets are in the way, we hope that the matriarch of the Benson reconsider. We will continue to enjoy the shipeo #Cash and enjoying the images so tender that leave us with in the networks from march, 2019. And as always, we wish that the love triumph, because there is no need to question it or condicionarlo.

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