The Air Jordan of Travis Scott that you’ll be able to get in Provided


If you are a little attentive to the world of running shoes, you likely already know that the Air Jordan of Travis Scott have all the titles of object unreachable that there are.

The shoe caused so much stir that even some of the vendors selected decided not to sell it due to the overwhelming flood of messages and calls that they were receiving and that, on the other hand, they were preventing to do your job.

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1.

© Courtesy of Nike

The Air Jordan Travis Scott have become the collaboration is most desired. That is why, unless you know the right people and/or have a bank account that would expose the same rapper, it is unlikely that you are going to see in your feet.

Where it seems that yes you will be able to see them is in the feet of your character Fortnite. Travis Scott has declared fan of the game on more than one occasion, even, we’ve seen record their games which youtuber ever. Now I could have taken the final leap and to have become a skin of the game.

The Twitter user Lucas7Yoshi has found in codes the second season of Fortnite a file called Travis Scott. Inside there was two files, one lightweight and one heavy enough. The tweeter said that probably the light is a skin.

But it doesn’t end there. The Twitter account specialized in Fortnite HYPEX has received what is supposedly the filtered image of the new skin Travis Scott. And it takes the chest out in the open, cargo pants and, yes, a few Air Jordan x Travis Scott in the foot.

HYPEX is still looking for the source of this screenshot to check, but, be real, the more likely it is that we know the skin Travis Scott when present the second season. And, who knows, maybe we get to see a concert of The Flame within the game. Dreaming is free.

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