The dad of Lady Gaga asks for $ 50,000 | Chronic


J oe Germanotta, father of Lady Gaga, became a source of great reviews, after you have opened an account for “charity”, to raise money for their employees, because of the Covid-19. A fact which no doubt caused discomfort for many users. “Our staff is in need of financial assistance. Any help to our employees will be appreciated. We hope to open our doors as soon as it is safe, and to welcome you again with a smile and some meatballs. Stay safe and healthy”, she asked. With these words, Germanotta, announced that her restaurant, Joanne Trattoria would be closed for more than a month and a half after the outbreak of Covid-19. The help requested was for approximately 30 employees, who were out of work. So the campaign at GoFundMe was addressed to those who enjoyed the establishment, as the crisis forced him to close the doors of the restaurant. The man seeks to raise $ 50,000, to cover the payroll for a couple of weeks and provide the necessities, such as food, child care and medical expenses to its employees. But a few days later deleted the posting, after receiving thousands of reviews, where users suggested that better you should ask for the money to his daughter, millionaire, and not the people who are also living these hard times. Furthermore, other users commented: “Your daughter can’t help your father?”, “What is $50,000 for someone of that step? I create a background is outrageous!” and “What incredibly selfish, thoughtless, ignorant and arrogant, when so many people are worse, why don’t you ask your daughter very rich to help pay for their employees?”.