The day that Shakira and her swim mermaid caused a sensation


There is no doubt that Shakira an artist of the first rank, with their amazing shows and beautiful songs has managed to conquer the artistic world and currently boasts of being one of the artists latino most successful in the world.

And is that each thing that Shak touches turns to gold, because not only is extremely beautiful, also boasts of having a great intelligence. With the time has earned millions of fans that do not lose the opportunity to tell each that share an image.

And although the singer is not used to share sexy imagesthere was an occasion with a video of his swim was enough to wake up the lower passions between their followers.

The video was shared in the year 2017, in it you can see Shak, enjoying the swimming pool and with a beautiful swimming mermaid showed how well it holds its 43 years.

For this video received praise from his fans and more than 4 million views. To date, it is one of the clips most appreciated of your Instagram.